A microfibre-like fibre that can be divided into 5 (1 centre and 4 outer) segments. For a 2.0 den fibre, each segment is approx. 0.4 den.

  • Open channel structure is good for moisture control, and enhances a dry feel on the surface

  • Good elastic and soft performance

  • Regular crimp, easy to handle and open

  • Special versions can be made (antibacterial etc) according to requirements

  • High tenacity fibre (5,9 g/den, which is much higher than viscose

  • The FOUR 4 ONE structure holds more water and improves cleaning ability

  • Water retention performans close to 50% better than viscose

  • 1 gram fibre (1,75 den) keeps 23 g of water

  • Soft touch

  • Available in 1,4 - 3,0 denier

  • Applications: fibrefill, spunlace, spinning, needlepunched nonwoven

  • Finishes: silicone for fibrefill,  nonfoaming for spunlace, regular for spinning, needlepunched

  • Applications: spunlace, microfibre filling

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