Quilts made with hollow polyester fiber

We have a number of fibres available for filling pillows. Several finishes are available such as silicon or slick (BS5852 part II compliant), to give the product a nice touch and feel . We offer hollow and hollow conjugated (HCS) fibers from 1,5 den

The fibres may be produced from recycled post consumer PET bottles or virgin polyester resin. Fibres produced from recycled material usually appear slightly more off-white, whereas the virgin fibres are white. Some fibres are available in optical white.

Normally hollow and hollow conjugated (HCS) fibers are used for pillows

We offer fibres with antibacterial properties. The antibacterial component is available as a built-in property or as a finish base. The finish base being the less expensive of the two options.

Options for Features / Finish / Process:


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