Fipatec solid polyester fiber. Available as virgin, recycled or semi-virgin suitable for needlepunched nonwovens,  spunlaced nonwovens, Fiberfill for pillows, duvets and comforters etc.

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Our Fipatec Neverflat solid fibre series features excellent carding performance, loft and recovery for wadding, high loft products, and allows for good bonding to low melt fibres.

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The Fipatec Neverflat+ is a solid fiber series containing minimum 75% virgin fibres.  Suitable for high loft quality wadding and other high loft products

NEW - also available as non OB - without optical brightner

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Non-crimped polyester fibre for wet-laid process. FDA approved for food contact.

Short-cut fibres also available in polypropylene, and bicomponent for Airlaid

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