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History :In 1860, Theodor Wittrup founded a small textile shop mainly with wool made products.

In 1976, the manufacturing division of the company was sold to a Danish carpet manufacturer. It was then , that the trading company was founded by Ole Wittrup.

Today, Fiberpartner is a modern company with trading activities throughout the world. Fiberpartner is active in staple fibers in polyester, polypropylene, and bi-components as well as technical yarns in polyester and polyamide, and plastics in PET and PP.

Fiberpartner is a private company owned and run by Thomas Wittrup - 5th generation of the family business.

A worldwide network across raw materials, machinery and finished products makes Fiberpartner unique.

Customer Satisfaction:We ask our customers a number of questions so that we know exactly what it is they are looking for. Once we know the exact requirements, we will carefully select the right factory, with the right quality, at the best price possible. Once a raw material is qualified, we will supply this material from the same source on an ongoing base. Only with mutual understanding, we will change factory or item type. Usually 2 different factories are qualified. Through a unique number system, full traceability is ensured.

After qualification the material is sent in containers directly from the factory to our clients. We can arrange shipment right to the door or to a port - whatever is most convenient and cost effective.

Small as well as large clients are served with a smile from our head office in Denmark, in some instances through local contacts.

We take the time to visit the raw material manufacturers, even in the most remote corners of the globe, to see the production of the raw materials at first hand, which we then source on behalf of our customers.

At Fiberpartner, we know how to give our customers the best quality at the best price by combining reliability, service, and quality with new ideas, technology, and innovation.

150 years of experience - use it

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